The Wowhaus Bureau has launched an internship program for young architects - graduates from related institutes of higher learning with either a bachelor's or master's degree - desiring to gain experience working in our design bureau, learn from experienced colleagues, and take part in research and work on both actual and competitive design projects.
The course curriculum is intended to cover 12 weeks and entails a series of workshops, project work, trips to various Wowhaus Bureau sites.
Interns will receive a monthly stipend.
Based on the results of a competitive selection process, 8 people will be invited to take part in each course. Those wishing to participate in the competition will need to meet the following criteria:
- related education with at least a bachelor's degree in architecture;
- the ability to be present at the Wowhaus Bureau the entire work week (Monday – Friday from 11 a.m. through 8 p.m);
- fluency in working with AutoCad, SketchUP, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator programs. If you work in any other programme, please, mention it.

If you have the desire and opportunity to complete this internship, please complete the feedback, indicate your preferred course start date, and attach to the application files of your resume, portfolio and motivation letter.
The requirements to resume and portfolio:
- Portfolio - a file pdf, resume, cover letter - the doc or pdf;
- The total amount of files - no more than 20 MB;
- Links to online portfolio will not be considered;
- Files must be named as follows: "Surname_CV.doc", "Surname_portfolio.pdf", " Surname_letter.doc", for example Ivanov_CV.doc

For further information please contact us on