Rover Pavilion

Address: the site of the old Red October Factory, Bersenevskaya Embankment, Moscow, Russia
Client: ООО Jaguar Land Rover
Design work: May 2011 – June 2011
Construction work: August 2011
Principal architect: Anastasiya Rychkova
Partners in Wowhaus: Dmitry Likin, Oleg Shapiro
Photographs: Ilya Ivanov

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During the summer of 2011 an unusual structure suddenly appeared in the centre of Moscow. People crossing Patriarshy Bridge caught sight of a bizarrely shaped reflective pavilion; many wanted to take a closer look, eager to find out what it could be. And the nocturnal glow and the arrow sign on the pavilion’s roof only added to the mystery. On closer examination, the structure turned out to contain the new Range Rover Evoque.


- to design an impressive showcase that would simultaneously both exhibit and conceal the object it contains.


In order to present the Range Rover Evoque, we built a pavilion that attracted attention day and night. During the day, the reflective inserts created a semi-transparent intrigue around the object inside due to the complex refraction of light. During the night, the pavilion was illuminated, turning it into kind of lighthouse, a distinctive sculptural object.

How we arrived at the shape

The pavilion is a metal frame structure coated with a special plastic reflective material. Some of the sections were designed to be dismountable to allow the car to drive in.

Due to its complex form, the pavilion presents different views when seen from different angles.

Around the pavilion we constructed a system of wooden decks with mirror inserts and surfaces upon which people can sit.

The ‘>’ sign on the roof of the pavilion could be seen from Patriarshy Pedestrian Bridge. It pointed to the complex of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture, and Design.