Krymskaya Embankment

Design work: 2013
Address: Krymskaya Embankment, Moscow, Russia
Architects: Mikhail Kozlov, Anastasiya Rychkova, Roman Kuchukov, Darya Melnik
Partners in Wowhaus: Dmitry Likin, Oleg Shapiro

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To transform the Krymskaya Embankment into a landscaped pedestrian zone linking the Red October Factory, Museon Arts Park, and Gorky Park.


We used a wave as the main architectural element for this project. There will be wave-shaped benches and pedestrian and bicycle routes resembling waves. ‘Artist’s pavilions’ will take the place of the stalls which currently stand alongside the Museon; these will also have wave-like roofs. In addition, we plan to construct a landing stage, an embankment parallel to the main one, and a cycle park.

Viewing platform and cycle park

Right in front of the entrance to the Gorky Park there will be a pavilion which will double as a café, viewing deck, and entertainment venue. Two ramps will allow cyclists to ride up onto the roof of the pavilion and then down again.

The lower embankment

The lower embankment will run parallel to the main one, passing under Krymsky Bridge and linking the Krymskaya and Pushkinskaya embankments. This will create a continuous cycling route on the section of the embankment from Museon to Gorky Park. A system of terraces and ramps will give otherwise inaccessible views of the River Moskva.

In the embankment area we shall create a number of standardized cafes in the form of teardrops. The cafes will be designed to take visitors during both summer and winter.