Palisander gallery

Project: Interior design for Palisander gallery
Location: Rochdelskaya st. 15/17-18
Total area: 170 sq. m.
Timeframe: 11.2016‒04.2017
Directors: Dmitry Likin, Oleg Shapiro
Lead architect: Daria Ionova
Architect: Natalya Saltan

Palisander gallery at Trekhgornaya manufactory is a new hotspot for all connois-seurs of mid-century art and design hosting exhibitions, lectures, screenings and photo shoots.


To create a flexible multipurpose space informed by the mid-century modern aes-thetic and sensibility.


Employed design principles contextually correspond with historical manufactory building and with mid-century aesthetic.

Frontal wall was stripped to brick to uphold the prevailing industrial atmosphere. Exposed steel rebars were left in place as decorative elements.
Minimal approach to building materials and color solutions fits the main purpose of the exhibition space. Materials: wood, brick, metal and concrete. Colors: white, shades of grey (anthracite grey, light-grey).
Massive historic window frames were painted trademark color grey with added plaster splays and wooden stills. Heating system comprises of cast iron radiators with copper tubing. We’ve painted the original vaulted ceiling in white and steel beams in dark grey. Ideas of stability and historical context were emphasized with columns as powerful tectonic elements. Columns were covered with two layers of paint ‒ the latter darker than the former ‒ and sanded to reveal the texture.
Function-wise the space is flexible and multipurpose. Lamps and other hanging ob-jects can be mounted to the metal grid on the ceiling. Multiple floor hatches enable easy access to electrical outlets. Lighting system above the metal grid with back-ground and directional track lights is designed to be adjustable for a different types of exhibitions.
We’ve added a small 15 sq. m. mezzanine with a service room and a restroom un-derneath it. The mezzanine can be employed as a conference or a common room, or as an extra exhibition space. Mezzanine stairs becomes one of the visual dominants for the interior. The steps are toned plywood on a metal sheet to make the stairs seem light and weightless. The outlook of a large wooden sliding door leading to the service room is inspired by the works of Alvar Aalto.