Sokolniki Park

Location: Russia, Moscow, Sokolnicheski Val 1/1
Timeframe: 2012
Directors: Dmitry Likin, Oleg Shapiro
Lead architect: Artyom Ukropov
Architects: Alena Zaytseva, Mikhail Kozlov, Anton Ladygin, Anna Karneyeva, Tatiana Polyakova, Evigeniya Sidorova, Anastasia Tikhomirova, Olga Khokhlova, Marina Yarmarkina
Main entrance improvements: Nina Smirnova

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Since 2012 Sokolniki park harbors a pristine Ice skating rink, decorative illuminated archway, the largest in Moscow snow tubing installation and playground slides.


To design a contemporary heat-proof ice rink with adjacent infrastructure, while integrating existing structures and an old ice rink into one recreational complex.


We’ve recreated a historic 1959 archway to link the contemporary rink and an old one. Traditional recreational winter activities now take place in a modern architectural setting with additional playground slides and an ice labyrinth on premises.

Pathway stretching from the main entrance to the Festival plaza and its new ice rink is made bright and festive. Twenty illuminated arches hover above the alleyway in the same fashion they used to during the 1959 American National Exhibition in Sokolniki park. The principles of construction were altered in accordance to contemporary building requirements. The arches are also fitted with additional matte lights.

Brightly illuminated archway lies along the central axis of the park leading to the new Ice rink. Alley’s ice and pedestrian tracks are separated, so that skaters and pedestrians could comfortably coexist.

Central skate rental building constructed a year earlier is fitted with new facades.

Lights hidden underneath the wooden facades is an integral part of the evening illumination system in the park.

All-season glass curtain wall pavilion with a wooden deck accommodates ticket booths, new rental service and Mercato cafe.

Pavilion’s roof is a great observation spot that doubles as cafe during the summertime.


Ski rental service occupies the Snail pavilion in Winter. We’ve build the decorative facade with layered elements independent of each other: wooden racks, OSB panels and sheets of transparent polycarbonate.


Fair plaza with a massive light installation was supposed to be organized in the central fountain area.

It is possible to build pedestrian bridges over the free rink to separate pedestrian and skating pathways.