Development strategy for State Museum Arkhangelskoye estate

Planning: 2016‒2018
Address: Arkhangelskoye, Moscow region, Russia
Directors: Oleg Shapiro, Dmitry Likin
Project director: Lyudmila Frost
Architects: Igor Yakovlev-Ozmidov, Vladimir Belyakov, Anastasiya Izmakova, Ekaterina Sporykhina, Arina Kaverina, Ivan Korenkov, Anton Sevastyanov, Tatiana Starchenko, Maria Romanova, Alisa Tsoy, Ani Tumanyan, Darya Mozhaeva, Vasilisa Goncharova External collaborators: Mobility in Chain, Rite Agency, KB 23 Bureau, Anna Kovalevskaya, Museum Engineering Lab, Russian Garden (V.A. Agaltsova Landscape Restoration Workshop)

WOWHAUS proposes development strategy for State Museum Arkhangelskoye estate. The first milestones will be met in 2019 for the Estate’s 100th anniversary celebration. Estimated completion time is 2025.


To establish a strategy for a dynamic step-by-step long-term location development that structurally binds together lands of the Estate into a one multifaceted museum space.


We have developed a comprehensive land development guideline that focuses on historical reconstruction, transportation accessibility and infrastructure enhancement. Our guideline also considers the social use of indoor and outdoor areas, including the national conservation area.

Our land development strategy assumes step-by-step integration of all relevant areas into a one all-season multi-purpose complex.
Pertinent bus stops in proper positions, a shuttle service and raising the number of parking spaces for visitors and taxis can improve transportation convenience. Restored and repurposed structures and additional temporary constructions housing lecture halls, cafes and event spaces will expand functionality of the museum.
Design code is informed by the architectural features of the Estate. All temporary constructions are to be symmetric, permeable and harmonic in proportions with an evident visual frontal rhythm. Employed color gamma is mono-/duo- chromatic. Consequently future design solutions for the Estate will adhere to a certain framework while staying in line with the classicist architectural features of the space.
Another important objective is to include Lokhin Island national nature reserve into the Estate's cultural domain. Lokhin Island harbours threatened plants on IUCN Red List, rare birds and archeological sites of the Early Bronze Age. Said area lies close to the highway and rapid residential development. Introduction of zoning and access level system will provide limited access for the residents and guests with the ability to direct and limit human flow. Respective solutions were developed in collaboration with Moscow Region Ministry of Environment and Nature Management.
Preliminary designs will be finalized in the second half of 2018 to be approved by the Moscow Region Head Office of Cultural Heritage.
 The work is carried out at the initiative of the event organizing committee for the State Museum Arkhangelskoye estate 100th anniversary celebration under the chairmanship of D.N. Kozak, Deputy Chairman of The Russian Government.